International Psychic Medium, Author, Healer, Shamanism & Spiritual Teacher

International Psychic Medium, Author 
& Spiritual Teacher

I engage in Tarot Cards, Angelic Tarot and Oracle Cards, Empath, Love Tarot Readings, Career/Life Path, Soulmate Twin Flame, Animal Communication-Mediumship and Healer, Messages from your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters,  Shamanism. Certified.

For emergency questions, please reach me on  or by clicking on the blue icon on the left side of this message.  Presently for IOS users only. Not available in every country. Android coming in 2018. 

In need of guidance? At a crossroads? Decisions to make? Relationship issues? Lost a loved one? Please click the photo below to schedule your reading or visit the tab, "Schedule A Reading." If you can't find a time for your personal reading in my schedule, send me an email and I will do my best to make it happen. Thank you for listening and subscribing to my YouTube Video Channel.

There is a 3-5 day processing to get your private video and audio recording out to you. 
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Monthly & Yearly Reading

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Weekly Reading Session/Coaching

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Live Shamanic
Coaching & Healing

Energy Clearing

Single $40.00  $20.00
Package of 3 $105  $45.00

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"Not disaster or disease, stagnation is the worst thing that can happen to a human being." - Sadhguru

Finally! Live Shamanic Coaching & Healing
Coming soon

  • Learn to journey and find your answers and resolve them quickly. Healing takes place the moment you journey.
  • Find who your Spirit Allies are, connect and ask them to work with you to heal, create and manifest. 
  • Heal your past life residual this lifetime and heal ancestral energy that has affected your life and the life of your family.
  • Restore Personal Power.
  • Creating your own Sacred Space.
  • Energy Cleansing.
  • and so much more.

The Shamanic Coaching is designed for your personal and business needs. 

Even though there are similarities in each Shamanic Practitioner, each practitioner is different. Depending on your needs this could take multiple sessions. There is no guarantee that your first journey will be successful.

Each session after the first is booked privately with me and rate discounts are available per each individuals need.

1 Hour Session

Initial discussion on your personal needs for transformation and healing.

The Journey

Question & Answers.
Brief Discussion on your journey if you choose.

If you are interested in creating Group Classes to learn more about Shamanism, please contact me. 

Group Sessions available. Please contact me.


Psychic Medium Andrea
I am 5th Generation Psychic Medium Healer. Look forward to connecting.

  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Certified Chakra Healer
  • Tarot and Angel Reader
  • Sound and Music Therapist
  • Certified Past Life Therapist
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Usui Reiki Master and Teacher

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I totally trust in you and I believe that you are a gift, a conduit through spirits work and healing. You are also well spoken and a gifted life coach to those around you. I thank god that you came into my life and I believe everything happens for a reason.

You speak with compassion, knowledge, clarity and truth from your soul, through spirit. You should definitely hold classes! How exciting,this would be a true "light" for others like I who are struggling, looking for answers, guidance and knowledge of life here on the difficult plane. You come through as a positive voice because you tell us why something that may be negative or tough situation is something we need to learn from for our life lesson. To align ourselves for our highest good, we need your experience and knowledge.

As repeat client , i have to say a reading with Andrea never fail to uplift and guide, always clear reading to the point ,nothing generic or general.

through my dealing with her readings ,i was encouraged to have an energy clearing (i felt i can trust her)don by Andrea, and i must say that i started seeing  small and big changes happened to my self and around me ,thank you very much for your honest work.

This clearing thing is totally shifting me in a wonderful state of mind...things don't bother me as much and I have been reacting to situations totally's a beautiful new beginning for me...thank you my friend..thank you so much ✨🙏🏼✨ JK
As a repeat client I will say I have had clearings and they work wonders! My life has turned around for the better since I started coming to Andrea. She has worked with me so intently and never fails to contact within a timely manner. Ive also had amazing readings and they are so accurate. Thank you Andrea for all that you do! Dannyle J.